Tuesday 17 May 2011

Big Evelina Read

I'm taking part in the big Evelina Read on The Duchess of Devonshire's Gossip Page

I've read a biography of the author, Fanny Burney and some of her juvenile diaries - she also comes up in many of the Thraliana papers I have read and has a little peek in Boswell's Life of Johnson - so it's about time I actually read some of her writing.

To be frank, I was rather put off her writing by her character, which seems very faux-mousey and the character of Evelina does have that quality - but I am now on the twentieth letter (it's an epistolary novel) and I am very into it and laughing/smiling with great frequency. 

More about Evelina on the 2nd June

(but if you want to here about Eve, check out 'Death of a Dreamonger' on the left hand bar). 


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