Monday 11 April 2016

Video Review: Boswell's London Journal - the album.

I received a camcorder for Christmas and have long wanted to have a video element to this blog.

The plan is to take an adaptation of an eighteenth century novel (or perhaps a novel/biography set in the eighteenth century) and see how the filmmakers have altered the novel to fit their audience/tone/running time.

This video is a bit of a test, just seeing how my set up can go and if I can remember how to edit videos. It's a review of something very odd...

...a jazz concept album about Boswell's London Journal. 


I forgot to say that I actually enjoyed the music on the album, so het up was I with how little it had to do with the emotions and situations of Boswell.

My next post (or two) will be about a visit to the Royal Bethlem Hospital's gallery and museum.

The next video post will ask the question, 'How do you turn a pornographic novel into a tasteful drama?'

Till next time.

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