Wednesday 13 March 2013

A tribute to David Bowie

Just a silly little thing.

Sheneeka’s Hair

I know it’s rude to ogle and I know it’s bad to stare
but there was something really odd about Sheneeka’s hair.

Eight plaits sticking sideways, right-angled from her head
but those plaits weren’t plaits at all, but spider legs instead.

She used to bring a packed lunch and much to our surprise
there was nothing in her lunchbox but bumblebees and flies.

Our parents did not believe us, nor Miss Boniface
So she was quite shocked when the saucer came from outer space.

It landed in the playground with a whir and with a hum
and a great big voice came booming and all it said was, ‘come’.

Then Sheneeka’s hair wriggled, and started to flex and quiver.
We felt prickles down our backs and we began to shiver.

Sheneeka’s head popped off her neck and her hair began to carry it
over the playground, past the bench, off to her space chariot.

Sheneeka called out ‘goodbye my friends, been fun, you will be missed’.
Then one plait went to her lips and blew a farewell kiss.

Her head and hair were sucked up, by a beam of bright blue light
The saucer shot up in the sky and was soon out of sight.

So remember when you gaze out, far beyond the stars
Sheneeka’s hair is waving: She’s a Spider from Mars.

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