Sunday 21 October 2012

Odes to the Big City - In the Mood

Because it is easier than writing the bloody thing, I'm making 'Odes to the Big City' banners and taking photos of myself as a poor eighteenth century writer.

In me gear.. looking a little dashing if I say so myself.

Trying to do a cheeky smile, it's coming out as a strange facial tick.

This is me 'writing'.

This is me remembering I've left the oven on.

Nearly the picture I wanted.

Ah! This is what I was going for. The glasses are not 18th but actually mid 19th, but I think we get away with them. The book is a copy of The Spectator from 1805.

And now, my banner.

I should really be getting on writing the thing. I also have a Rubaiyat review and a bunch of stuff on Christopher Smart.

In the future then.

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