Monday 14 May 2018

Not so much body snatching - as body shuffling.

Due to some technical thing that is probably my fault, the automatic payments on did not go through. My bank have stated adamantly that no transaction was attempted whereas google domains stated adamantly that they tried twice and were blocked.

As a result of that (and the fact that the admin for this was done through one of my lesser-viewed emails) I defaulted the payment, despite the fact the bank still promised that Google hadn't charged it. Google then offered me the price of restoring the domain name at the cheap price of £89, plus £10 for the yearly renewal fee.

Forget that! 

I went to a rival domain company who had for sale already, for ten years at £90. 'Quids in', thought I, 'the same price as the restoration for a decade of hosting'. Then it turned out, they tried to sell me something they didn't own - Google still did. They took the money and offered me 'credit' for a new name.

After 5 hours wrangling with bank, Google and domain site - the solution has arrived....


Long may the next ten years be fruitful for it and for me.

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