Wednesday 16 May 2018

Book Haul Video

Those who follow this blog (now may realise that I have a tendency to make youtube videos. Although I make videos about books, I am not really a proper part of the ‘booktube’ community. Alas, I am not young, pretty or perky enough to be a standard booktuber, nor am I a fan of YA (Young Adult) fiction with vague titles and badly photoshopped covers.

Most peculiar are the videos called ‘Book Hauls’. These are videos where people go through the books they have bought recently and show them off. I can’t understand whether the point of them is to boast about the money someone is willing to pay for books or boasting about their taste. 

So, what do we do with something we don’t understand?

We take the piss.

Welcome to Booktuber Lodger, a happy, cheerful soul with various buried issues and a best friend who is a pink scholarly bunny. 


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