Wednesday 22 May 2019

Snacks at Leghorn Road

I’ve mentioned my pathetic artworks a number of times on this blog. I am very aware of my limitations in this field but I do like playing with a paintbrush, especially during longer holidays. 

About eight years ago I started a picture but was unable to finish it as I did not have the confidence to do faces. I finally overcome that feeling and put the faces on. They aren’t good - but they are done.

The picture is set in my old living room in my old shared house. It features the cloth and leather sofas. the wonky light, the custard coloured walls, the union flag cushions and the omnipresent mouse. It pictures me in the centre, handing crisps and beer to Samuel Johnson and Oliver Goldsmith. Outside, Samuel Pepys does just that.

Here is the picture.

I apologise.

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