Sunday 13 May 2012

Death of a Dreamonger

As the more observant readers of this blog may have noticed, there is now a large red banner at the top of this blog and a (rather swanky) mini-website at the bottom.

This is to celebrate and promote the completion of my second novel 'Death of a Dreamonger'. I am now sending out samples of the book to agents, as I seek both representation and publication. 

For those wondering what it is about, here is my blurb for it...

"With enough money and ingenuity, any dream will come true."
 - James Drummond, CEO, Dream 
Instantiation Company.

James Drummond, commits suicide, everyone says he killed himself because of DID, a suicide disease that James is blamed for unleashing on the world...but did he, and what actually is DID?

Seeking these answers is Eve Lewis, a quick-brained, big-mouthed, wheeler-dealer, who’s quest for the truth grows into an obsession. She is helped and hindered by Manna, a naive curry delivery boy with a not so secret crush; Morgan, James's adopted son, who is now a hermit, and Nat Brown, Fleet Street's finest character assassin.

These four people form and reform alliances by trading kisses, information and curry as Eve gets closer to the truth, but who can she trust? Who can trust her? And can Eve make her dreams come true on ingenuity alone? 

Anybody willing to find out more about the book, read excerpts from it, and download the first three chapters for free can look at the mini-site at the bottom of the blog.

In the mini-site, the reader has to navigate through Eve's messy desk, finding out the concepts, places and characters in the story, illustrated by quotes.

Anyone wishing to go straight to the free sample, or to make comments on the book - click on the business card in the bottom right corner and there will be the download and a form.

Comments from publishers and agents are very welcome.

All yours

-Just a little note to say my internet is playing up and that I may be a little quiet- 

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