Wednesday 22 June 2011

Visit from the Past

I usually have to go and seek out the eighteenth century, but today it turned up at work.
I work at a school and normal service was interrupted by a visit by the Cavatina Chamber Music Trust. So, instead of an afternoon of maths I got to see minuets played (and danced) by people on recreation eighteenth century instruments. I hadn’t considered how instruments have changed; the cello didn’t have a spike, the violin and viola didn’t have chinrests and strings made of guts, while the flute was made of wood - I’m sure I heard a different tone to the instruments, but I may be imagining things.
-Still, was better than work... :)

Coming up soon...

More At Home With Samuel Johnson (He discovers television, goes to a roller disco and ponders fame)

More Eighteenth Century Book Reviews - including Evelina
and soon a review of The Beggar's Opera at The Regent's Park Open Air Theatre.

Maybe a giveaway and some other stuffs.


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